3 Ways to Help Your Wedding Photographer Take Gorgeous Photos during the Event
Monday, January 02, 2017
By Janis Jack-Pointer
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3 Ways to Help Your Wedding Photographer Take Gorgeous Photos during the Event

Let’s not start with the clichéd introduction and pretend to state that weddings are supposed to be all butterflies and peacocks fluttering their colors after attaining the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Preparing for a wedding is a hassle. When you realize that it is your wedding – oh boy – you’ve got your work cut for you. From the recurring visits to the spa salons for your pampering to the uber-exciting shopping sprees, checking the list of guests for your big day, cross-checking the vendors and caterers, and finally, you bug your wedding photographer.

So, let’s shed some light on some of our best wedding photographers for the deed and learn how Austin Wedding Photography caters to manage such beautiful photographs – encompassing family group pictures, couple portraits, and exciting candids. As a person who wishes to have everything tip-top before the big day (and of course, on the big day) there is a lot more than to do than just hiring a wedding photographer and letting them do their job. There is a lot more to it than that. In the following sections, I will outline three ways in which you can help your wedding photographer take gorgeous photographs during the event.


Pictures start right away from the beginning of your wedding day. Apart from the fact that you have to get dressed in a relaxed area, your wedding day tends to get quite hectic and frantic despite the services available and all the people helping you. In order to make sure your wedding photographer captures every little piece and doesn’t miss any details, have a bridesmaid or your maid-of-honor lay out your wedding dress and your shoes along with the jewelry in your dressing room. Then point them out to your photographer. Any other accessories such as the wedding rings, bouquet, garter, purse, perfume, handkerchief, and any other sentimental items should also be included in that area.


Your photographer will capture images of you getting ready. This will included things such as spraying perfume and applying your lipstick while you are in the dressing room. In order to ensure your dressing room does not look like a ransacked sorority house, inform your bridesmaids to be mindful of that and have them clean up as you go along. Also, ask them to make the dressing room tidy before your photographer captures it for you.


The preparations for your big day not only involve going over the checklists for food, décor, and bouquet arrangements. It also involves checking your guest list and communicating with your photographer. Since the wedding day keeps everyone quite busy, many photographers can potentially miss out on the most important moments as well as family members and friends you specifically want to have photographed.

Have a major discussion including the groom and family before portraits. List the most important family members including your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and your immediate families.

The best wedding photographers will often ask for a timeline of the wedding. This will help your photographer in a big way as it gives them an idea of which places to focus on and which people to include. This will keep them informed and you can carry on enjoying your day without wondering if anything will be missed.


Wedding Preparations: 30 Minutes

Allow your photographer to capture the dressing room and the people involved in the whole process. Taking photographs of the little things that the bride and groom may need for the big day, that is, before the ceremony even starts.

Wedding Party Photo-shoot: 30 minutes

Allow time for your photographer to capture your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the people engaged in the reception. They are your best friends and are on the frontline with you all the way.

Bride and Groom Photo-shoot: 30 minutes

Allow plenty of time to have your portraits together. Feature your venue, the kisses, and try different poses without having to rush. Your wedding is a celebration of your love for each other and we want to capture that passion.

Family Photos with the Couple: 30 minutes

If you have a large extended family, this time limit will need to be extended. Your immediate family will want a portrait with you both as a couple.

Reception Décor Photos: 15 minutes

Allow your photographer a little time to capture your reception before your families arrive. You worked hard on your table centerpieces and you will want to show that off. Also, your wedding and grooms cake can be captured before it is decimated.

Ceremony Décor Photos: 10 minutes

Before you walk down the aisle, your photographer will need to photograph your ceremony setting and your unity candles/sand table. This could either happen before or after the ceremony begins.

Last but not least: trust your wedding photographer. They are experienced and educated in the wedding industry. Healthy discussions and light adjustments should also be outlined carefully prior to the wedding day. As I’ve stated before, weddings can be hectic and frantic no matter how well planned the event is. The devil is in the details as they say. Keeping your wedding photographer up to speed and making sure they know what to focus on will keep some of the pressure off of you. It will also ensure that this beautiful moment in your life will be captured in a way that will continue to take your breath away for years to come.

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