Photographing Wedding Rings
Friday, June 08, 2018
By Janis Jack-Pointer
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Photographing Wedding rings

When deciding what pictures you want from your Austin Wedding Photographer you should get a list together. This makes their life much easier but one of the shots many Austin brides forget is the ring shot which is why your wedding photographer is there to remind you. There are many hard parts of wedding photography, it encompasses so many different styles, but getting great ring shots can be a challenge. There are many “classic” ring images you might come across:

  • The wedding rings on top of a flower.
  • The wedding rings with the ring bearer
  • The wedding ring hands over the bouquet.

Rings are often very small, and if you want to capture even smaller details like engraving you had better be able to get really close. When taking pictures of wedding rings you have to be especially conscious of the light. Jewelry is reflective which means you may have unwanted images from the surrounding or unwanted shine. Your wedding photographer has to think about these things and organize your shot so that it's perfect. Ideally, you'll want to give them time to step out and do that.

Why Wedding Rings are Symbolic

Wedding rings are very symbolic. The ring is a circle which represents the never-ending marriage or eternal love. It's also a sign that the two of you are tied together and many years ago rings were used as a sign of ownership when the bride (property) was transferred over from her father to her new husband. Nowadays many men also wear rings so there's some equality in it too!

The metal of the ring can also be quite symbolic. Gold has long been considered a valuable metal but since platinum is more expensive it's frequently used instead to show how much the bride is “valued” by her new husband. Even today some cultures cover the bride in gold to show her worth and wedding jewelry can run into the thousands!

Materialism asides, the rings are one of the most visible signs of a marriage when the couple are apart and act as a constant reminder of their wedding and time together. A wedding ring is something that is valuable sentimentally as well as monetarily since it can be passed down through several generations. It's a great way of welcoming a bride into your family by giving her something that belongs with them.

What is the Best Way to Photograph Wedding Rings?

Much of how you photograph wedding rings have to do with what sort of style you are trying to achieve. Many brides will have strong ideas about the images they want by bringing you a reference to images they want to emulate. This is a great way of getting to know what they want to see – whether its the flower and rings shot or the rings with the ring bearer.

  • First – look at the light. You want ring shot lighting to be very dramatic or very specific. Rings are quite small items so they're easy to miss if they're not well lit. If you can't get the right glint from them then you can always add that in post-processing. If you're a bride think about your location – is there somewhere specific that would work best for the ring shot? This is especially important if you want to have a picture of your hands wearing your rings as your background may factor in depending on how the photographer wants to do the image.
  • Second – Watch the background. If you're trying to think of things you want to be seen with your wedding rings then keep it simple. As rings are small it's easy to over-clutter a picture. While you might want to picture your rings with grandma's picture, your shoes, the Bible, the dog, and several other things it's best to limit yourself to only one or two per image.
  • When there's time. Rings are often changing hands on the wedding day. Whoever brought them to the wedding, the page-boy, the best man, the couple's hands. They could be anywhere! Your photographer needs to find a time before things get too hectic and get them done while there isn't anything important scheduled. Because most weddings have a set schedule it's something you may have to schedule in and connect with whoever is carrying them to get it done.

FAQ About Photographing Wedding Rings

  • Do you need to give them to the photographer?

No. Your photographer does not need to hold on to the rings, they will just need a few moments with them during the day at some point. Ideally, this is during your time scheduled getting dressed as it won't take long and the bride is busy.

  • Should you ask about Ring Photography?

Yes. If it's important that they capture your rings or you have specific photos you want involving the rings then it's essential you ask a potential wedding photographer about it. While your photographer will likely try and capture them anyway this is true of any important photo – don't forget to ask!

  • Our planned wedding day is really busy. Can I do it later?

Yes. You can ask to do the ring photography at the engagement session or at another time if you do not have specific requirements like the bouquet or location. Your photographer will likely be more than happy to discuss an additional session just to get those pictures or be able to look at your schedule and figure the best time to get it in. However, since you'll have those items on the day it's best to have it done while getting ready since it won't take long.

  • How much does wedding ring photography cost?

It should be included in your session. Photography costs vary based on location and needs. Austin wedding photographers charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands per wedding, but that includes any shots you “must” have as long as you tell them when you're booking that is what you need.

Why You Should Get Pictures of the Wedding Rings

For many people, the wedding ring is the symbol of marriage. It's what is recognized and makes a beautiful symbolic print. It's also something that is deeply personal. The couple have likely spent a lot of time choosing those rings and will be wearing them for the rest of their lives and once you've finished the day all you'll have is the memories and the photos which is why it's so important for your photographer to be able to get pictures of the important things. You've likely spent a lot of money on those rings so why wouldn't you want them pictured? They are a huge part of your day, your ceremony, and indeed your marriage.

Your Austin wedding photographer likely has a lot of experience in capturing a wedding and while this isn't the picture many brides think about its one that most photographers aim to get because they know how much the bride will cherish it. If you're still looking for the right Austin wedding photographer then you should definitely ask if they can get these shots for you.

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