Top Tips for Having the Best Engagement Session
Saturday, July 09, 2016
By Janis Jack
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These are the top tips to follow so you can have the best couple photos!

For you to have amazing and outstanding couple photos, emotions and sincerity must be felt in the images. But without guidance, the couple may find it difficult to achieve their aim of taking the best pictures on their wedding day.


Choose a location that you love for your couple pictures. If you have no ideas, your photographer will surely have taken the initiative to choose the right venue(s). If you choose to get married outside your area, ask about the spectacular views that are available for taking pictures (such as the lake, cliffs, classic, contemporary, urban setting, etc.)

Natural Beauty

Appearing confident and relaxed in the picture is a matter of feeling comfortable. Choose a hairstyle and makeup that are close to what you normally wear. A beauty professional is recommended for your picture day. But be sure to bring examples and inspirations along with the clothes you wear so that they can find a balance. Do not go overboard it in any case.

Unique Styles

If you're getting married, use the theme of your wedding (color, appearance, style) as inspiration for your engagement session. It will give the guests a taste of what's to come as well as create a bond through all of your experiences.

Natural Environments

Choose a place that means something to you and to your partner. You'll feel more comfortable and your photos will mean a lot more to you both. You do not need to seek out spectacular mountains to make beautiful pictures. Your love will do the rest.

Mutual Love

Identify two or three things that you like to do together as a couple. Something that has helped build your relationship. Is it the kitchen? Your shared love of music? Coffee shops or a book? A sport? Take photos in two or three of these settings. The memories of these hobbies will be treasured and make your photos spectacular.

A Second Look

Take pictures with several different outfits: one casual and maybe something more elegant. This will create variety in your photos and you'll have images that represent two different sides of your style.

Avoid Identical Outfits

Even though you are a couple, you are always two different people who likely do not dress the same. So let your personality shine as a couple through the clothing you wear normally.

Be the Protagonist

Make sure to be mindful of the patterns and colors of your location. Be sure they are not too similar to yours. For example: If you have chosen an outdoor spot in the woods, do not wear shades of green or brown. Instead, choose complementary colors that enhance the set without the risk of blending and merging with it.

Remember What’s Important

Remember that you are taking these photos to document your love and mutual commitment. As soon as your outfit, hair, makeup, or scenery feels awkward and unnatural, change it! Remember that the wedding is a celebration of your love and that is the most important thing!

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