Types of Wedding Photography in Austin
Sunday, April 01, 2018
By Janis Jack-Pointer
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One of the reasons wedding photography is different from any other type is that it's actually several different styles of photography in one. You need to be a portrait photographer, an event photographer, a journalist, a product photographer, a food photographer, and you have to be able to cram that into an event that may only be a couple of hours long. Wedding photography is challenging because there are so many different types of wedding photography out there.

Journalist Wedding Photography

This is commonly confused with event photography. Journalist style means that it's in the moment. The images may not be technically perfect – no one is posed, there may be items in the way of someone's face, their head may be cut off slightly, but it captures the raw moment then and there. This shouldn't be confused with event photography because it does not include pictures of the venue, details, or anything asides from “in the moment” images.

  • Why you need it: These are the closest to snaps and it's often for moments that simply “happen” during the wedding which are unplanned. Professional wedding photography often skips this style because people prefer more posed images but having some in the moment snaps as well helps capture every aspect of the event, including the unplanned ones.

Pre-Wedding Photography

This is another type of “mixed” work. Many photographers will do bridal sessions before the big day to free up time before the wedding happens and so that the bride gets plenty of images in her dress without being rushed on the day. It's the ideal time for posed portraits, details and close-ups. This can also be done by the engagement photographer if they're not doing the wedding as it is essentially portrait photography with a twist. If your wedding photographer is busy or doesn't offer bridals then a portrait photographer who doesn't do weddings will still be able to capture this for you. Pre-wedding photography encompasses a variety of styles one of which is editorial. This borrows from fashion shoots and is often done in-studio rather than on location, allowing for more artistic portraits and dramatic lighting.

  • Why you need it: In fact, this can be one of the most important parts of wedding photography. Austin wedding photographers frequently do bridal and engagement sessions as part of their pre-wedding photography packages. If you get these images as well you won't have to worry about running out of time on the big day.

Product Photography

If you've shopped online or in a catalog then you've looked at product photography. It's clean, clear, you can see the “real” product for what it is and there's a feel to any image that you can empathize with as if you owned the product. This is ideal for wedding rings, table settings, bouquets, and the little details that the bride has spent hours creating when putting her wedding together. While you probably don't want a product photographer doing your whole wedding you want the same level of detail that a product photographer notices for the “little things” that you've included in your day.

  • Why you need it: You spent forever choosing every detail and it would be a shame not to document it. Maybe grandma didn't have time to see that you sewed that little piece of lace from her dress onto yours, maybe mom missed that you put a photo of dad in your purse for good luck – these little details and close-ups really bring the personal touch to a wedding so it's important you have a photographer that captures them as well as portraits and ceremony shots.

Event Photography

One of the most challenging types of photography, event photography often deals with poor light and less than ideal situations for a photographer. When it comes to weddings this can mean underexposed rooms, awkward flash, and moving people. Event photography means more than journalist style because much of it is posed but it's about capturing the feelings and emotions of the event. A high-end wedding photographer in Austin, for example, is probably used to this type of thing because they will have had experience with difficult lighting situations while a beginner is going to struggle.

  • Why you need it: Your wedding is an event, it's so much more than just a ceremony and details, you want someone who can capture the whole thing so that you remember exactly how it felt being in there. Event photography is a way of capturing the event as a whole rather than parts of it but in a more formal way than journalist style which is more emotive.

Artistic Photography

All photographers have their own style. Photography as an art form is all about the style and editing which takes a certain eye and lots of time. In fact, the art of photography often takes longer than taking the images themselves! This is sometimes known as creative photography or editorial wedding photography. It's similar to traditional photography but less formal and more fun. There may be unusual angles, clever lighting, and a lot of post-production. If you've ever dreamed of standing next to a unicorn with your beloved then this is the way to go. This can be extreme editing like that but usually, it's just changing the lighting and adding a style which most photographers will do anyway. After all, you've picked your wedding photographer because of their image style.

  • Why you need it: This is more an optional choice. You don't necessarily need it but many couples want it so that their wedding album doesn't look so posed and stiff. This is casual, fun, and often more of a reflection of the couple's relationship.

Traditional Wedding Photography

We know these albums, they're the ones that have happened as long as weddings have – posed families, couples, all organized or arranged in a certain way. Traditional photography is about capturing only the most important parts of the wedding. The style means that the photographer (and assistants) may be more of a noticeable presence during the wedding as they will be posing people and stepping in to capture the shots “just so”. These are often large group shots, staged images with certain props, and which may require special lighting and may not include any of the ceremony at all.

  • Why you need it: Some posed portraits or at least organized portraits are usually part of all weddings. Having specific portraits as part of your wedding photography requirements helps your photographer to know exactly what you feel is important to capture. Traditional wedding photography has become more creative in recent years – less of the same poses and group organization and more creative, however, it's all about capturing the couple rather than the event itself.

Choosing a wedding photographer isn't easy, and part of it has to do with deciding exactly what you want for your wedding. Many couples decide they want several different types of wedding photography which is where some photographers struggle. For brides trying to decide the best type of wedding photography, Austin offers a huge range of professional photographers so finding someone who offers a style or type that you love is easy.

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