Wedding Venues in Austin
Friday, June 22, 2018
By Janis Jack-Pointer
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Wedding Venues in Austin

One of the hardest parts of getting married is choosing a venue. With so many stunning Austin locations to choose from there really is something for everyone around Austin. As an Austin wedding photographer I've seen some stunning locations, and if I have to photograph any again it has to be some of these because they're some of the most beautiful around the city for sure. Whether you're looking for a southern charm ranch, a unique modern eco farm, or an imposing mansion Austin really does have everything.

Top 5 Austin Wedding Venues

  • Vista on Seward Hill
  • Pecan Springs Ranch
  • Antebellum Oaks
  • Barr Mansion
  • Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters

Vista on Seward Hill

If you love the idea of an upscale location like Antebellum Oaks but want something more formal and less “ranch” then Vista is it. This has a very old world, mission style to it with beautiful brickwork, formal terraces, fountains, firepits, chandeliers, and fish ponds. It's reminiscent of an Italian villa and while the venue is quite small it's extremely quiet and exclusive despite being a scant 10 minutes from downtown. It has a wonderful Gatsby feel to it with both indoor and outdoor options that have been voted a “best of” by the Knot 5 years running as well as in other publications. What sets the Vista apart for me as an Austin wedding photographer has to be the fact that it feels like you're nowhere near Texas and are actually in some upscale Italian villa outside in Tuscany. Even in the hottest part of the summer, it seems to transport you to another world and the views will not disappoint. If you want something timeless then this is the place to have your wedding photographed.


Pecan Springs Ranch

Nothing is more Texan than a ranch. This southern charm filled location is just outside of downtown Austin and is a delight no matter what the weather. Stunning pecan trees, a creek, huge terrace, and numerous ceremony locations on site mean that no matter how many people you know that have gotten married here you can still have an entirely different wedding. As an Austin wedding venue, this is a great combination of fun, class, and just the right amount of awe to make it the top venue in town. There's lawn games and all sorts of fun little areas to explore. With numerous write-ups, positive reviews, and features in many different wedding publications it isn't hard to see why this place is so easy to photograph. As an Austin wedding photographer, Pecan Springs has so much to offer. There's a lot of outdoor beauty, but even if it rains the indoor choices keep the same southern charm feel so you don't have to feel that your day is ruined. This is the location for the bride that wants a one-stop hire for everything to create her ideas without needing constant oversight. Even offseason, the location is stunning.


Antebellum Oaks Venue

Yes, yes, it's another ranch, but unlike Pecan Springs, Antebellum Oaks is very much more reserved. While it's still classy, this is the “grown-up” version. No lawn games and toys here! Trees wrapped in lights, canopied oaks, and an actual Nature Preserve make up the majority of the view, the event center is a large 4800 sq foot building with glass walls so you can feel like the outdoors even inside. This is elegance, charm, and a place for a party. As an Austin wedding venue, this is for the upscale bride who wants to show off her southern roots, and it also comes with quite the knowledgeable management team.

If you love sipping champagne while getting your make up done, or your groom wants to let down with the boys before the ceremony then this is a perfect spot. As an Austin Wedding photographer, this location offers so much to love. It's beautiful and has so many different places to work with day or night that make this much more than a “nature” location like most ranches.


Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom

A little out of the way, this location might not look like much, but it's one of the most flexible when it comes to providing everything and accommodating requirements. Not having to hire people to clean up and not having to do it yourself at the end of the night is a huge plus! A little Victoriana house with stained glass doors and a rustic interior that opens up into a farm feel venue big enough to house a decent wedding. If you want something more laid back and simple than a big venue while still having the space you need this is for you. The space has a huge “Greenhouse” feel among actual crops like cabbages so your food can even be sourced on site for the eco-conscious. As an Austin wedding photographer, I love unique venues like this one. Old meets new, modern meets farm, and indoor meets outdoor all in one space. There are 26,000 sq feet of grounds to explore if you want nature and a beautiful old house for those who want more traditional portraits. It's classic but fun at the same time.


Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Headquarters

A colonial revival building from 1931 which has an impressive frontage and a true “mansion feel” located on San Gabriel. It is an Austin landmark for sure. The atmosphere is welcoming and the venue is well stocked. An elegant interior and a selection of rooms for socializing means that whether the wedding is big or small the venue can adjust to fit. It feels like a celebration as soon as you walk in the door. This place is a gem as an Austin wedding photographer. It is the classic wedding venue with the impressive staircase, the banquet suite, the ballroom, etc. It could be located almost anywhere and has the appropriate pomp for any society wedding.

If you're still not sure about choosing a wedding venue in Austin then the first thing I would suggest is setting your budget. Many of the top locations are quite costly and if they're out of your budget then it won't help. While being able to afford a location is important it won't give you the beautiful wedding images you want if it doesn't fit the “feel” of your wedding. Most brides have an idea of what they want to see - for example, choosing nature-inspired images but booking somewhere like the Women's Club Headquarters just won't work, and if you want a unique location like the Barr Mansion then a rustic ranch isn't fitting either.

As an Austin wedding photographer, I can't choose the venue for you, but I can help make even the venue which isn't quite up to your dreams into your dream wedding pictures. Wedding photography is as important as choosing the right venue because of this, which is why you should always make sure your photographer sees your vision no matter what your venue looks like.

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